Art as Inspiration

Inspiration is the spark that ignites the imagination.  

Mind is the medium through which imagination flows. Group Mind is what connects us as humans.  How the Group Mind sees the future, determines the outcome.  Can we connect strongly enough with Nature to save our future from the cyborg machinery of Human greed? We learn that certain lesser evolved souls have rigged a monetary system to enrich their coffers at the expense of other humans and the planet’s resources. 

My experience is that the more we connect with Source, the more empowered we become. God/Goddess/Jesus/ Allah/ Buddha/ Shiva/Shakti/Great Spirit are all names for the one Source of Creation. 

This Source has no form and is beyond the physical realm. Let’s call this Source  G.O.D.: Generator/ Operator/ Destroyer of all Creation. This Being “seeds” conceptual Mind-stuff into the Field of Creation which is Female in Nature. We call this the Universe.  Once seeded, ideas are spun into circularity. What was originally “points in space” now  become objects with life and curvature.

So how does this sell my art?

It doesn’t. 

But it does connect us in its teachings and we need to connect on the deepest level right now. My art is just a reminder of the deeper principles in life.

So please do support me in my endeavors. Cards and prints are inexpensive and very fun to receive as they lift the receiver’s spirit just a little out of the mundane world. And that is my function with this website…to lift your spirit to a higher vibration and inspire you throughout the day. Blessing my friends!

I pray we all unite as One World Family with Absolute FREEDOM, SECURITY and ABUNDANCE for all.